Mobile phone also known as cell phone or simply a phone is a device which uses cellular / radio frequency to transmit data to and fro.

In early days when mobile phones came into existence, the cost was too high and only high niche were capable of keeping those mobile phones. But as technology is growing at a very rapid pace and due to lot of competition in market the cost / price of mobile phones went down along with operating cost / price by mobile phone service providers.

Nowadays mobile phones are available in very cheap prices and targeting almost each and every niche. From low cost / price mobile phone to high / expensive mobile phone everything is available in the market.

Earlier mobile phones can only be used as a wireless telephone for talking to each other with limited features but with the evolution of mobile smartphones in the market lot of features are included like mobile chat, voice calling, media sharing etc. Mobiles can now capture images, videos, audios and so on.

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